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Episode 29: Andrea + Jason – Do We Make Resolutions? It’s Complicated.

Hello Yogaland!

I hope you are having a warm and wonderful holiday season. Jason and I decided to do an episode where we reflect on 2016 and recap what we’ve learned as well as what we’ve struggled with. Plus, I got Jason to publicly commit to an online program that I really, really, really hope we pilot and launch this year!

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Breast Cancer Lesson #1: Ordinary Moments are Extraordinary
Jason’s 300-Hour Training at Love Story Yoga in San Francisco, 2017

3-Day Teacher Renewal, Los Angeles, 2017

3-Day Teacher Renewal, Seattle, 2017
3-Day Teacher Renewal, New York, 2017

David Szesztay — Coffee Shop

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  1. Thank you for all you do and for keeping it real, you guys! This podcast has been a great help/inspiration to me since I started listening this summer (or maybe fall — I can’t remember :)). Happy New Year! I look forward to studying with Jason this February at LoveStory.

  2. Happy New Year to both of you! And thank you for all you do. One of my highlights this year was being able to do a live workshop with jason in southern ca. And, I so so so love yoga glo! Thank you. And, I love this website.
    You both are so real …and authentic. And, one more thing, Andrea…you have a great voice…
    so…have a great 2017

    1. Thanks you so much, Kate! The podcast has made it possible for me to connect more with Jason’s students — an unexpected bonus that’s made me really happy. Hope to meet you someday. Warmly, Andrea

    2. A very long delayed but still heartfelt thank you, Kate! I have been surprised and so happy to get good feedback on my voice 🙂 Thanks for listening! Warmly, Andrea

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