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A New Program For Yoga Teachers!

Jason Crandell teaching

I’ve developed a new program — the 3-Day Teacher Renewal Program + Weekend Workshop Intensive. I wanted to take a minute to explain my thinking behind it. It’s a program that I’m genuinely excited to share…in fact, it’s exactly the program I would have loved to attend about 10 years ago.

In a nutshell: It’s a 3-day program for teachers of all levels to help you return to your center and reconnect to your practice. Think about this program as part retreat, part yoga teacher training in the company of your peers.

Here’s why I created this program:
If you’re a yoga teacher, your practice is no longer yours and yours alone. Your practice has mostly likely gotten tied up with your identity as a teacher and the challenges of making a living. Ironically, you might practice less consistently and intensely than you did before you taught. And, when you do make it onto your mat, it can be hard for you to find the steadiness of mind that once came so easily because you’re thinking about your sequences and which postures you’re going to teach your students this week.

I’ve taught for 20 years and I don’t know a single teacher who hasn’t gone through the same challenges. I’ve been there myself–more than once. That’s why I created this program.

I understand that yoga teachers don’t just need the type of information they typically receive in trainings. They also need to steep themselves in a supportive environment where they can reconnect to their practice and to the essence of why they started teaching in the first place.


In the mornings, you will be a student again and savor a strong, complete three-hour vinyasa practice. No notes, no analysis–just practice. It’s time to make your practice a sanctuary again and remember why you fell in love with yoga in the first place. You’ll work at your physical edge, refine your technique, and inspire your practice.

In the afternoons, you will refine key components of your teaching. You’ll also create practical strategies to manage the logistical challenges of earning a living as a teacher.

Schedule Detail
A Practice for Teachers
9am – 12pm

Strategy Discussion: How to Make a Better Living as a Yoga Teacher
1:30pm – 2:15pm

2:30 – 5:00pm
Technical Refinement and Renewed Inspiration for Teachers


Each day we’ll hone in on a specific topic to refine your teaching.

Day One – Sequencing
You will hone your sequencing. You’ll learn how to bring greater focus, consistency and purpose to your classes. You’ll learn the absolute essentials for creating consistent, compelling classes that reflect your values and help your students make progress. You’ll also learn how to structure an entire month of classes and build sequences for workshops. You’ll receive sample sequences for every posture group and two “master” templates that teach you how Jason creates all of his classes.

Day Two – Manual Adjustments
You will fine-tune your manual adjustments. You won’t learn any fancy new tricks, like how to use 7 belts, 4 partners and the tip of your nose to manipulate down dog. But, you will make sure that you’re giving excellent, supportive adjustments that make your students feel safe, secure and knowledgeable in their postures. You’ll learn the most effective, successful ways of adjusting key backbends, forward bends and inversions.

Day Three – Verbal Cues
You will refine your verbal cues. Concise, accurate, accessible verbal cuing is the key to being an effective teacher. In this session, you will learn to trust simple, clear language that everyone can understand. You’ll replace common teaching jargon, cliché’s, and filler-words with accessible teaching cues that will resonate with your students. You’ll make sure that you’re language is inspired, consistent and accurate for every posture category. And, you’ll get advice on how much talking is too much—and, how much talking is insufficient.


The weekend workshop that follows the 3-Day Renewal Program gives you even more time to deepen your practice and refine your technical knowledge of asana, anatomy, and sequencing. In these workshops, you will learn how alignment and attention to detail cultivates greater depth and ease in your flow practice—from arm-balance to hip-openers, from core-strengtheners to backbends. Each workshop will begin with a brief discussion of related anatomy and move into a smart, satisfying flow practice.

The Teacher Renewal Program and the Weekend Workshops are available separately — you can choose to register for one or the other. Or you can choose to do both.


In addition to my ongoing posts that feature pose breakdowns, anatomy guides to yoga, and sequences, I’m preparing to launch a new series of articles that provide practical tips for handling some of the day-to-day challenges of teaching yoga. Jump on our newsletter list if you haven’t already so you don’t miss them.


New York, YogaWorks
August 11th-13th, 2017

Los Angeles, YogaWorks
December 8th-10th, 2017


Jason Crandell is a natural teacher and author with nearly 20 years of experience. His accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. Jason’s articulate, down-to-earth teaching will educate and empower you.

Named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga,” by Yoga Journal, Jason has been one of the most in-demand teachers at conferences around the world for over a decade. Considered a “teachers-teacher,” Jason has taught on countless teacher-training faculties, leads trainings globally, and regularly presents teacher-training content at esteemed conferences. Jason was a contributing editor for Yoga Journal Magazine where he has published over 25 articles and created their original series of practice podcasts. His critical-thinking skills will support you on your path of practice, teaching and self-inquiry.


  1. I am an experienced and not-young teacher. My personal practice is becoming more gentle as I get older. You say that the 3-Day Teacher Renewal programme begins with a strong practice. How strong is strong please?

    1. Hi Sue,

      It’s tough to qualify exactly how strong the practice will be. it will be a vinyasa-based practice, but, I’m on the technical side of the spectrum and I don’t use heat. So, it will be demanding, but reasonable. And, hey, you can spend as much time as you want in child’s pose or skipping the next chaturanga!

  2. HI Jason

    This programs sounds great 🙂 do you think the teacher training first part as well suits beginner teachers like me (teaching about for a year now)..thanks!

  3. Hey Jason:
    I am managing the YogaWorks in Soho!
    We are sooooo excited to be hosting this great format! Spaces are filling early! So your students can also call the studio at 2129650801 and we’d be happy sign them up!

    Can’t wait to see you and Andre and get a chance to practice together again!
    Much Love!

  4. Hi Jason,
    I’m a former student of yours from years ago at Yoga Tree in San Francisco, until I moved to NY in 2010. Studying with you in your classes inspired me to finally take the leap into a 200-hr teacher training program this year. I won’t be finished until the end of May, and I’m so disappointed I’m unable to attend your workshop as it conflicts with my teacher training on the weekend. Would you consider repeating this retreat and workshop weekend another time in NY?

    1. Yes, 1000%, absolutely. I’ll definitely be doing the same format again next year in several locations! Please stay tuned and join my email list!

  5. This sounds amazing!! Challenges I am definitely facing right now. Between foot surgery in January and a schedule of 8 classes a week and privates, finding it harder and harder to practice for myself! I can’t do these dates , but will hope to see more in the future! You are the best! Julia

  6. Hi Jason!
    I don’t know you – only from articles in the yoga magazines. I really love the format of the training. Would you also consider to come to Germany one day? I would love to do the training with you.
    Evi Friedel

    1. Thanks, Evi! I love Germany, and it’s possible that I’ll be in Berlin next year for a couple days. We’re working on the details. That said, if you want to do a longer training with me, you’ll have to join me in London at triyoga!

  7. HI jason,
    i had trouble navigating to the NY teacher renewal in august.. it led me to a blank mind body site..
    can you direct me where it will be so i can look into signing up?

    In gratitude,

  8. I’m putting this out in the universe to make the LA weekend happen, I am determined to find a way!!! I’ve always wanted to practice with you, I am finishing up my 500 hr training.

    1. I’m coming to Chicago for 5 days this year! Please look at my schedule page! I’d love to see you there, Becky

  9. Jason will you be offering this Workshop in 2018 maybe in the midwest like Michigan or somewhere thereabouts?

    1. Most likely, yes. I’ll be teaching it toward the end of this year in Chicago. Next year is still up in the air.

  10. I was so excited reading the description for the retreat/renewal as I’m a year into teaching after an almost 20 year personal practice. It is so true that your practice gets hijacked by teaching, it’s so sad:( Only problem is that I live in Belfast. I practice with you on yogaglo, what are the chances of doing this online? Come and teach in Belfast, you would sell out in a day!!!!

  11. Missed these…:( I’m hoping you’re hosting another teacher training/retreat very soon! Hopefully in Canada one day!

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