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Buon Weekend! (Happy Weekend!)

Gratitude Collage

Happy Friday! How has your week been? The last two weeks have flown by for me because I’ve been taking an Instagram Bootcamp. I’ve always loved design and telling stories through visuals, but I’ve never taken any classes to help me manifest this. This class has been so fun and really riveting for me. I’m really grateful to the women who put it together and have shared their creativity and knowledge.

I’m going to be making some changes and consistently adding more food and yoga two my feed – because, let’s face it, these are my two obsessions. I’d love to see you on IG, so feel free to share your feed in the comments or give me a follow! (My feed is: instagram.com/andreaferretti)

And now, for some gratitude. I’m grateful for:

…Being a month out of my LAST breast surgery and getting back to regular life – working, yoga, picking up my daughter, and just doing a simple Downward-Facing Dog all feel amazing.

…High-waisted jeans being back in style (although my husband would disagree with this statement). Because Half Moon should only be a yoga pose, not something that happens when you bend over at the playground.

…Learning a key Italian phrase for when I drop my daughter off at school, “Ci vediamo dopo la pasta!” (I’ll see you after the pasta!)

…A visit from our Japanese friend who brought matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha. I can’t. I just cannot. Even. Explain how good it is.

…Non-toxic lip gloss. Because my child is obsessed with putting on lip gloss right now. It still makes me cringe a bit, but discovering the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetics database of 70,000 products has made me more comfortable. I can’t wait to do a beauty detox…something I hope to post about soon.

…Thinking about my little girl turning three. It feels poignant and powerful.

…Speaking of sassy little girls, this viral video of Johanna dancing to Aretha Franklin. I laughed and cried when I watched it. Just love her.

…All of the gorgeous summer flowers that are blooming all over our neighborhood (despite our lack of rain!) Oh flowers, you do your job so well.

…Joining Jason on upcoming teaching trips to San Diego and Ohio. (Will I get to take class? Fingers crossed!)

…Watching the Tony Awards all by myself with my batch of homemade matcha ice cream. They were so good this year, weren’t they? Just dying to see Fun Home.



  1. and i, sissy, am ever so grateful for you. and not just because your blogs are awesome. spero che ci verdremo presto. mwah!

  2. I’ve been wondering how you are, and it sounds like you are very well! I’m glad you’re almost done. Best of luck.

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