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Essential Sequence: 30-Minute Whole Body Sequence

There are days when we want to work toward a peak pose, and there are other days when we’re not sure what to do with our bodies. On those days, I always find it’s most helpful to do an all-around balanced practice: One that stretches and strengthens all the different regions of the body, that works the front body, back, and side body, and that allows me to turn upside down, even if only for a 5-10 breaths.

Not only are these types of sequences physically balancing, they are often incredibly soothing to the nervous system. To encourage this effect, I invite you to spread your attention evenly throughout your whole body as you do each pose in the sequence below. Instead of focusing on the part of your body that feels the biggest sensation or stretch — which, by the way, can be a very valuable technique for focusing attention during asana practice — try to give all the different parts and pieces of the pose the same amount of attention. Let the shapes of the poses spark genuine curiosity in you — check in to what the back leg is doing in Warrior II or what the fingers are doing in Triangle Pose. By cultivating this type of attention, you’ll create a wonderful sense of soothing equanimity in your attention, in your nervous system, and in your poses.

Whole Body Yoga Sequence

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{illustrations by MCKIBILLO}


  1. Hi Jason, great sequence! I’m new to yoga and I was wondering if there’s any recommended way to do the poses. Should I do some sun salutations before jumping into these? Are there transitions in between? How long do I hold each one for? Or is it more up to me to decide?


    1. So sorry for the delay, Cindy! You’re asking excellent questions. The bottom-line is that it’s up for you to decide. These sequences are designed to be used in a fairly open-ended way. Each one is designed to be a complete practice that you can do from beginning to end without additional postures. Of course, you can also add postures–like sun salutations at the beginning–transitional postures, or anything else that you wish. With regards to duration, 5 breaths in each pose is a good starting point. Thanks again for practicing with me!

  2. Hi Jason,
    These sequences that you are providing are brilliant. Thank you. And also the individual pose pictures with guidance. Are you putting them into a book at all? I’d be interested in buying it if you are. It’s great that you are providing this guidance for free online .. However I’m a traditional bookie type and would much rather have a book next to me on the mat that I can reference than keep having to go back to iPad which keeps switching itself off! I could print them out and make my own reference but there’s something beautiful about a properly bound book.

    1. Thanks, Tory. I’m toying around with various ideas that will compile all of these sequences and pose breakdowns. Please keep your eyes out for something next year! -Jason

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